Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Random observations

I hate the new blogspot interface with the fierce power of thousand angry suns. I'll talk to my IT friend and someday, I'll migrate elsewhere. No, wordpress is even worse. Been to a conference in Hungary. I didn't take a single picture as I wasn't in the right mood but I made quite a bit of botanizing. Maybe I should start taking pictures of my herbary... My camera is beyond repair. It works sort of okay and I'm using it until I can scrape up some money for a new one. Expect lousy pictures. I have quite a bit of work - nobody wanted to be the copy editor for the English language textbooks we're sort of planning to do so I was declared the person in charge. I'm not particularly happy, I had another work plans and my trip to Finland may be endangered. Hell, why doesn't a job like this come in winter when there's nothing to do outside? One thing has to be admitted, the new interface looks so plain that blogging at work is pretty inconspicuous.