Friday, 28 September 2012


The old Blogspot interface existed for a while so I used that but it appears to be destroyed for ever. I'm repeating myself but the asshole who invented this new piece of crap should be tarred and feathered. To start with. (I know I'm repetitive and I'd link to my previous post but the new, exciting interface can't easily take me to a list of post. Find it thyself, sorry.) I'm calling my IT friend to do something. I don't mind blogger as such but if I'm writing this post and can't open the list of published posts in one click, I need to find things which are placed without any logic I would be able to discover and yeah, I hate icons. I can read, for Goodness (or is it Goodness'? In the current flood of grocers' apostrophes, one can't be sure anymore) sake, while I'm unfortunately not very well versed in Google's Picturese. I hear smart people work there, so why they expect that an user is an illiterate asshole who can't read things like New Post? Anyway, I'll stop this, I wanted to write something with actual content. The blog will be moved elsewhere, that's it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Which means that:

1. I can get up unreasonably early, drink coffee in bed and do nothing without anyone interfering and hinting not so subtly that instead of coffee and Terry Pratchett novel, I could do some cleaning.

2. I wear sari all the time. Office culture is jeans and hoodie which is fine but it gets boring. Hey, I get frowned upon when I wear a sensible skirt. Alright, sensible in my universe means heel length, pleats upon pleats and sturdy fabric because one should be able to run, jump over a railing and climb trees in their everyday clothes. I'm able to do this in a sari as well, for that matter.

3. I knit eight hours a day.

4. I bought a McDonalds menu for dinner because I was lazy to cook and too cheap to actually eat out.

5. I can do all the things. Today, I asked a gardener in public gardens for a hibiscus twig as I wanted a clone of that plant and played with a kitten, silly sounds included, in public.

6. Anyway.