Friday, 19 December 2014


It's been a while. I got sciatica, then I got nasty case of sniffles, meantime I was depressed, now I have bronchitis... well. About a month ago, I got a kitten. I was pondering getting a cat for long because I was essentially deprived of the Fat Meezer who is now generally referred as Grandma's Cat but parental units are what they are so I always saw a nice one in a shelter, asked a thing or two or not... until the little pointed kitten appeared out of nowhere. Actually, she was found with her tabby momma and tabby siblings, along with the whole collection of feline parasites and I was the first to ask for this genetic oddity.

These eyes only glow red, otherwise it's the garden variety pointed cat. I still don't have a stable name, she's going under Šiška which means, among more important and frequent things, Airhead, which she is.

And she's the most adorable kitten in the world. The pics are a few weeks old, now she's darker as pointed cats are darkening with age, bigger because kittens grow and plushier. And parental units are in love. Yes, my grumpy dad included. He shares his morning yoghurt voluntarily, even.

Parents were, obviously, furious. But, there is a thing about pointed cats. They're white and that always looks sorta cute, with cute dark paws and face and ears, and blue eyes. I'm positive that the blue-eyed beasts know their way around people, every owner of a full-bred Meezer, Siberian husky or something similar says that the sky blue gaze is just... something that makes the humans get up and fetch a snack.

Šiška is a basement cat. Not Basement Cat, just a cat that lives in the lower floor. Parents are worried that she could pee in their unguarded beds or eat the carpets so she's inhabiting the laundry room and the place that's called cellar but for practical purposes, it's a smokers' parlour. The cat already found out that a full ashtray is a great toy, and that everything is a great toy so the room will finally get tidied up from all the dad's dusty treasures covered in spider webs.

Hell yeah. Widdle white plushy kitty with widdle black feet and blue eyes.