Sunday, 13 September 2015


I want to knit.

Sometimes, I'm almost desperate because I just want to knit something. It sounds somewhat bizarre, those who have been following this blog know that I own a Stash of Doom, that I tend to knit at all times when my hands are not occupied otherwise and I'm conscious... so what's the problem?
Well, in my head, the usual location of problems. There is this urge to use up leftovers to make cowls, scarves and other small things to give away so that there's space for something else. I also seem to have lost imagination, I have yarns but I can't decide what to do with them and any idea is shooed away as something not worthy of the yarn. And when I decide that this may work, I cannot bring myself to finishing one project at time, I skip between this and that and nothing gets done.

It's generally known that I like what I call idiotic knitting. Lots of stockinette in the round, for example. And then I love stranded knitting. I was browsing Cherry Tree Hill's online auction where I ran across Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses of 2013 and... that woman had style and mad skillz. Written on 13th September

I didn't get any Starmore books or yarns but I pulled my own stranded project out of oblivion.

It got somehow more advanced meantime and I do have a pic somewhere but I couldn't find it.
The chart is some 180 stitches wide and I haven't finished the top bit of the floral flourish. I hear there's software for knitting patterns but I'm just colouring rectangles black and white in Corel.

To be continued, I mean the knitting, when my thumb stops hurting.