Sunday, 9 December 2012

Applied environmentalism

I've been neglecting the blog, I know I know. The thing is, I got a new job. Universe ganged against me and I landed in the position of a restaurant manager, or rather an éminence grise, as there are some staff problems (assholess will go but it needs some legalities and tactics so that I and the Boss don't need to cook ourselves). I'm pretending to be a kitchen typist, entering data in the database of all things, collecting gossips and dealing with The Crazy.... Now I'm having a few days off so I'm sitting at home, knitting, browsing back numbers of Vogue to find an inspiration for the yarn I bought yesterday, I'll go for a lunch with my cousin later on and then we'll pick my spinning wheel. I'm having a good time and I don't want to spoil it with work stories. Now excuse me, I'm going to spend my day by lazying in cafés and places.