Sunday, 15 September 2013

Misplaced and excavated

I had another rough patch of which I might tell the most honorable readership later. However, I seem to have got over the worst bits, or I'm so utterly bored that I started cleaning. It requires moving things there and back as dust accumulates behind and between the random clutter and as it happened, I had a few other things on my mind, a few things I've been looking for. I haven't found those yet but I have, purely accidentally, located the following: The card for Kungliga Biblioteket in Stockholm. Not that I needed it but it's a pretty card and it may come handy in case I went to Stockholm again and it rained or something. It was in the box with old bills, tickets and various other pieces of paper I'm keeping for some reason. A box of yarn that included seven skeins of some Grignasco merino dyed in shades of blue. The Grignasco company went under, I hear, and I've been missing said yarn for more than a year. Not that I needed it although I did have a vague plan for it - I don't recall what plan, though. And a skein of mostly cashmere sock yarn (there are three more somewhere out there). Bag full of photos from my first stay in Italy some 9 years ago, from the predigital times. They clearly illustrate that one needs 50 shots for one decent picture, that taking pics in dark buildings is an utmost vanity and that I looked somewhat better back then. A package of anxiolytics located in an otherwise empty box. Not that I wouldn't have plenty but psych meds may always come useful. A sample of Lapidus' Envol perfume. The internet lore says that it's the same thing as Lancome's Envol but it is not, not at all. I have both now so I can debunk that one. Someday, not promising anything.