Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to scheduled programming

I don't really stick to traditions just because they are traditions but this year, some spring cleaning did indeed happen. The main reason is that my laptop is living on borrowed time and I wouldn't want to lose my files. Been there, done that.

I got an external harddisk, lost it, got another, found the first one... so I'm backing up. Or backupping. Possibly both.

So far, I have discovered many a thing. Not that picture of a Montmartre house covered in blossoming wisteria, but, well, other stuff. And since the cleaning extended to shelves and the Closet of Doom, there's a sampling of things to come:

A Molyneux week. There'll be Rue Royale, Charme, Numéro Cinq, two different editions of Vivre and Quartz which smells like warm water.

After that, just in tow, Gueldy week. Gueldiana, of course, and also Lys Bleu, Cuir de Russie and Cyclamen. I think I may have one more but I'm not sure.

Obviously, I'll throw in some knitting and random flowers because it's me. And a gratuitous kitty or two if I can find the Montmartre directory.

and if you're good guys and ask nicely, you might get a random dose of less-known Guerlain stuff

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring is here!!

Not that I was that dumb and wouldn't recognize blossoming trees, snowdrops, narcissi, hyacinths and such stuff but now, asparagus appeared. Locally grown and for reasonable prices. Spring is never complete with overindulging in asparagus and the resulting stinky pee.
Another spring thing is basketmaking. I got excellent garden shears and we're going out so I intend to get some willow twigs and make a basket or two. Haven't done it for years but I got an Urge. And, obviously, there's the element of irking people. Mom will say that it's useless, other will stare in awe because I'm doing something perceived as difficult while telling them that it's rather easy. (No, I'm not a particularly nice person.}

In other news, dad decided to teach me to drive so if you don't hear from me anymore, it went badly.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Nerdy fun

I learned a new word: Epistemophile. Person who likes learning for the sake of learning.

When I mentioned it in front of my mother, she gave me the eye and said that she knows only one such and thank gods for that because otherwise life would be entirely unbearable.

And now excuse me, I need to go and enjoy the process of understanding organic chemistry.*

* Next time: Joys of being an editor. Part 2217

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Increasing amounts of meh

I guess that my life is so boring and pointless that there's nothing to write about.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The newly found cousin

It's not news that my uncle is an arsehole of the cowardly sort. I still have in fresh memory how he threw his stepdaughter out. Because, after 20 years, he decided that she was a stranger and it's dangerous to have strangers at home because them strangers could steal something or such.

He acquired said stepdaughter when he ran away from his wife #1 to another gal who happened to have a child with her husband, who, obviously, wasn't my uncle. They both divorced, uncle wanted to adopt my cousin but her biological father wouldn't allow it, nothing happened for umpteen years until uncle found his current wife #3 who decided that strangers are a big no-no. One day, cousin returned home from the medical school, lock was changed, she rang the bell, uncle, whom she called father, opened, she went in, got slammed by the door and told to go away. Classy.

Now.... it was sorta known that uncle had a son with wife #1. There were various stories, often slightly contradictory, why they separated. My cousin, not the abovementioned one but her half-sister, daughter of idiot uncle and #2, my red-haired aunt, found said son and they're in lively contact, he shares my mother's sense of humor, is my uncle's spitting image and my mother's Evil Plan is to bring him and his family as a super special gift for my grandparents' diamond wedding. Newly found cousin agrees. I got a job, since I live closer than Agile Cousin, to go visit him, too, so that we're not a whole bunch of strangers at once.

If you lost track and don't know who is related to whom, I may contemplate making a graph. And yes, why, our family does have its bit of crazy.