Monday, 23 July 2012

Secret life of my unconscious

The other day, mom was trying to wake me up so that I would be at work only with a reasonable delay. It needed a bit of shouting because my mind was in a crowded pub full of Italian revolutionaries who were shouting their heads off. I was just at a point of meeting Garibaldi when some door banging did it.

I wonder what would papa Freud say.

Sometimes, the dreams are somehow related to reality, which the today's one was not. At all. It could be a proper psychological short story if I took the pain to elaborate, in which I was a surfer growing up in Malibu.

Here I need to intercept, dear reader. I'm a lousy swimmer and I'm afraid of large bodies of water. Surfing would be cool and maybe, if I actually lived somewhere on a beach with surf, I may try it, but being the real me, I say Eeeeep, no. Also, I know about Malibu only from watching Three and half men.

So, well, yeah, house on a beach, surfing, getting lots of tan, sun-bleached hair...

I can sort of imagine myself in a wetsuit but I don't want to. Dear reader, follow my path.

.... and then I was transplanted to somewhere in Europe with four distinct seasons, snow in winter and all that what they don't have in Cali, and I had problems connecting with the natives. And then went snowboarding, worried that there's no way I would be able to do it, decided that it's like surfing, just on different form of water, after all, the guy who invented snowboards was inspired by surfboards, and it went all okay. Then I woke up into a July day with a headache.

Brain, why?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Knitting emergency

Being torn between two domiciles means that...

I ran out of needles.

Or, to be exact, I have a random assortment of DPNs and I doubt I could find three of the same size and some of them are heavy steel beasts, nog ood for my hand, then there's a huge one-pointed long and thick needle I could use as an assault weapon, one 7mm/60cm circ, a 5mm/80-ish cm circ but I don't have the right bulky yarn for that... or well, I have, 600g in colour gradatinons and for a proper sweater for me, I need 800.

I also have half of a sweater in my lap on which I work between reading the internetz, and another one in my bag but I don't want to drag around a half of a sweater and yarn for another half because I have errands (read: chatting with various friends for the rest of the day). And there's a nascent tunic in my bag but I don't think I have enough yarn for the rest of the day.

Now, do I pick yarn I like in reasonable amount and do I buy a 3mm circ, or do I grab the bulkish yarn I have enough only for a medium-sized (so not for me by any measure) sweater that would work with the 5mm needle?

Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should stay at home and do some dusting.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I got some sort of mouseitis, my hand alternately hurtd like hell or plainly hurts and the only relief is to immobilize the fingers. Also, I lost strenght in grasp (and it hurts) and coordination.

I set out to buy orthopedic cast but they didn't have any to fix wrist and fingers. I have an orthopaedist appointment on Monday and maybe I'll get something covered by insurance. Meantime, I make do with a kitchen spatula and some bandages.

I cannot use my dominant hand. I was never aware how dominant my right is, I had thought of myself as rather ambidextrous. Or how both hands cooperate. That two are damn well needed to spread butter on my bun - one weak and clumsy left wouldn't do, nor would temporarily clumsy and weak right.

Typing one-handed is PITA, typo-ridden and slow. How does one do a podcast?