Monday, 29 August 2011

The pasta chronicles, part 427

For your own mental safety, do not ask for more.

I had a pasta lunch and then I went for a cycling trip and had to stop for emergency vomiting. I swear that I'm going gluten-free for real*.

* At least until the next yummy cake.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

My inner self

Yay for technology. Now the whole world can see my knees. Should there be a person of medical persuasion, I'd love to get a clarification on what 'patellar dysplasia' means outside the veterinary realm (Wikipedia, source of all and sometimes wrong knowledge, mentions something related to dogs) and whether it is related to my left patella being out of place - I guess that the left one is wrong because my left knee hurts.

There's also a heel available.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I found a picture of yours truly some six years and 30 kilos ago.

Disheartening, isn't that.

In fact, it may be only 27 kilos ago. And I thought I was fat, then. I might have a pic from the times when I was anorexic and thought I was fat.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Random strangers

On Friday, I was sitting on the train, minding my own business and knitting a sample of something striped.
Then I pulled out a hank of Rios, untangled it, placed it on my knees and started winding a ball. A lady two seats away gestured that she'll hold the hank for me. I though she was a knitter, too, but she said she wasn't - she only used to hold a hank for her mother. Hi, friendly stranger, there'll be pics of said sweater in distant future, stay tuned.

A day later, on a bus, two Korean ladies were utterly fascinated by the fact that I knitted and stared out of the window. And that I knitted, for that matter. As it happened, a while later, two Japanese guys filled the other seats around me and expressed something between wtfitude and amazement.

I wonder, is the meme that only grandmas knit spread in Far East, too?