Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Catastrophic curve

Things were not going exactly well at around the time of my last post but they were sort of manageable. Then, diplomatic flu struck. One receptionist refused to work under the same roof as one of the temps, the manager and the other receptionist, her son, smelled a rat as it became apparent that there is quite some chaos in the warehouse files, and oddly enough, things are only missing, no extras. I ended up working two shifts per in the reception/bar when the hotel was nearly full while trying to handle paperwork, orders, bookings, kitchen, maids and just about everything. We did find a receptionist who rocks but we totally need another one, not only because I can't stand the job but because I have a plenty of other shit to do. Well, I'm doing one shift at the reception, some waitressing and the whole management thing. It would be exciting for a day or two but I'm in my third week and I'm drained. I'm not a people person and all that small talk, be it in person or over the phone, with total strangers and many of them in the asshole spectrum just eats my mental powers away, causing a permanent headache. Meantime, dad was finally diagnosed with Something wrong in his neck - spinal surgery needed ASAP. Life is fun.