Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I thought I'd post some cool pics of spring flora but I still don't have a working laptop. Been urging it, said that I can buy one on my own, after all, BossMom said Nope, wait a while, why would you waste your savings, I caved and I still have the old sucky piece of crap.

And frankly, hardly any pics of interesting plants because I haven't done much photography or botanizing for that matter. Yes, those who expect another round of depressed rants are sort of right. Just now I feel like... you know, when you drink a bottle of wine and after a while the alcohol is partially metabolized and all the assorted toxins in your bloodstream make you somewhat sleepy, able to concentrate on not falling down but not much more. Well, to an extent, I have this all the time. The anxiety meds help me to concentrate and since the something-zepams are somewhat addictive, I'm not happy. Gotta talk to my shrink. I mentioned it to a friend and she said that it might be some attention disorder thingy masked as something else but I guess it's plain disgust.
And so it rolls. Summer is raging outside and I just want to hide under my table until all this goes away. 'All this' being work, mental state and all the related crap mixed together and used in buckets. Hey, I don't find any joy even in knitting, playing with the kitty or gardening.

On an unrelated note: been to Spain with family and brought back some interesting seeds and cuttings that should be taken care of. I should procure sandy calcareous soil somewhere for some of them, and a heated glasshouse for some other ones, apparently. My Gibraltarian Ornithogalum seems to finally have adapted to the long day - time to grow cycle, by the way. While the maintenance idiots watered the ugly awful stinky geraniums at the hotel, they ignored the pot with my freshly sown tulips and killed the seedlings, I still have some narcissi and Siberian irises, one of my plans being to spread Siberian irises all over the place. Or some other place. Or some other irises, I love irises. I missed their season entirely this year because I failed to notice them or some such. Someone seems to be stealing away my time.