Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Asphalt and jasmine night

Yesterday I went to the grocery to get some mosquitocide and more vegetables and mozarella - I'm getting one of the cheaper ones and it's heavenly. There are things I love about Italy.
I passed around a freshly repaired piece of sidewalk and to my surprise, the asphalt smelled not like burnt rubber, as I would most likely expect but rather green.
I came back with six kilos of vegetables, installed the insecticide in the socket and while messing around, I took up the dried twig of jasmine and smelled it. Asphalt.

There's lots of jasmine around, it seems that it's easy to grow and in the evenings, the wind brings the smell. Not asphalt, though.


  1. OOh, I kind of like the idea of a perfume with the notes of asphalt and jasmine--sounds sexy, in a way.....

  2. I was indeed surprised by the similarity. After all, I hear that indoles, when concentrated, have this unpleasant scratchy smell. And asphalt, when diluted to wafts in the wind, is sort of oddly green.