Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I met her back in Florence and, well, she rocks. She looks good, she's smart, she knows Italian. Exact opposite of me.

The other day, she sent me a calendar with pics of Switzerland. I wanted a diary - did I hint that my Italian sucks? And that we use it as a lingua franca? - but I got this wall calendar. I browsed it and discovered that they have at least two sheep breeds in Switzerland. I didn't go to check my stash whether I actually have some Swiss yarn but I don't think so. This should be fixed someday later, after I make a bigger dent in my current stash.

Anyway, I made a scarf for Laura. I didn't have enough of that turquoise yarn so I made it into a design feature and added a less prominent colour that matched well. While casting off, I ran out of that yarn as well so I created another design feature and added some very contrasting yarn.

Laura can happily drool because I'm not mailing anything until January 3, when the Postal Doom of Giftmas should be over. I also have an urgent itch to knit something else for her. She's petite and such people are a heaven sent gift from heaven when it comes to knitting clothes for them...

....wanders off pondering


  1. Haha Linda: I'm looking forward to get this nice looking scarf!
    And if you still are in need of an agenda I'll continue search for the perfect one. It's not easy, even in Swizzerland... (I haven't one for me either).
    By the way: The calendar was on his way to you before you asked for the agenda.

  2. Laura, I stand corrected, then. The calendar is already hung in the guest bedroom - I don't have a place on the walls right here, too many bookcases and such.
    Also, Juha (that guy who promised to take carr for my cat if I die, it's good to have nice friends) promised me the updated version of what I got for 2010 so I'm stalking the mailwoman. But, I found a turquoise one, I'll just have to call the company on Monday because I didn't see it in the stores (and from the source, it's considerably cheaper).