Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The newly found cousin

It's not news that my uncle is an arsehole of the cowardly sort. I still have in fresh memory how he threw his stepdaughter out. Because, after 20 years, he decided that she was a stranger and it's dangerous to have strangers at home because them strangers could steal something or such.

He acquired said stepdaughter when he ran away from his wife #1 to another gal who happened to have a child with her husband, who, obviously, wasn't my uncle. They both divorced, uncle wanted to adopt my cousin but her biological father wouldn't allow it, nothing happened for umpteen years until uncle found his current wife #3 who decided that strangers are a big no-no. One day, cousin returned home from the medical school, lock was changed, she rang the bell, uncle, whom she called father, opened, she went in, got slammed by the door and told to go away. Classy.

Now.... it was sorta known that uncle had a son with wife #1. There were various stories, often slightly contradictory, why they separated. My cousin, not the abovementioned one but her half-sister, daughter of idiot uncle and #2, my red-haired aunt, found said son and they're in lively contact, he shares my mother's sense of humor, is my uncle's spitting image and my mother's Evil Plan is to bring him and his family as a super special gift for my grandparents' diamond wedding. Newly found cousin agrees. I got a job, since I live closer than Agile Cousin, to go visit him, too, so that we're not a whole bunch of strangers at once.

If you lost track and don't know who is related to whom, I may contemplate making a graph. And yes, why, our family does have its bit of crazy.

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  1. I have to admit that this situation is almost too complicated to understand for me. a graph would certainly help, especially for "visual thinking" people like me...
    what concerns family crazyness: it seems to be quite a wide spread phenomenon... maybe there are some more obvious cases, others are less evident, but it's still there.