Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The other day, we were sitting on the terrace and ranting about things and other things. My father also coughed, chronic bronchitis is a bitch. And then we were poking fun at each other for being out of shape in many ways and it ended up in a wager:
If I lose 20 kilos before Christmas, my dad will stop smoking

I was immediately in. My father is a chain smoker with a physical dependence on nicotine. I've had enough of unsolicited advice along the lines of People won't ever like and respect you when you're such a fatso. I gave away my stash of chocolate and similar noms and started srsly dieting because workout is not a problem, lousy eating habits are. Two weeks in, I'm 2 kilos less and I've been only sitting, typing and rotting away. I'd add some exercise weren't it for either torrid heat or rainstorms (which means too rainy for cycling and too wet and hot inside for anything but lying and sweating).

We'll see. As the things are going, I'm still ready to get me a bowl of popcorn on the 25th to watch what's going to happen.

(should I post pics of the progress, I wonder?)


  1. Sure, post photos; if nothing else, it will help you to stay motivated. I'm not fond of exercise either, but maybe it's a habit one ought to develop. How about swimming? Is there a pool in your vicinity? Walking is easy and a good way to start; try early mornings before the heat of the day. And by all means, walk in the rain! It's only water, and you will feel marvelously empowered and in control of your physical well-being. Congrats on losing the 2 kilos. Those first few are the hardest. After a few more, you will feel unbelievably good, and energetic too! Good luck with this, and remember, you are doing this not only for yourself but for your beloved Dad, too. What a loving project! XO

  2. Alrighty, more on progress will come and I'll invent some special tag for the whole thing.

    On a side note, I'm a lousy swimmer, which would be okay, but thanks to my beloved mother (snerk), I have such a poor body image that I prefer not to mess around in a swimsuit.
    Beloving dad can't cough because he has achy wrist and it hurts more when he coughs. Which is tough job when he has chronic bronchitis due to smoking