Sunday, 7 August 2011

Random strangers

On Friday, I was sitting on the train, minding my own business and knitting a sample of something striped.
Then I pulled out a hank of Rios, untangled it, placed it on my knees and started winding a ball. A lady two seats away gestured that she'll hold the hank for me. I though she was a knitter, too, but she said she wasn't - she only used to hold a hank for her mother. Hi, friendly stranger, there'll be pics of said sweater in distant future, stay tuned.

A day later, on a bus, two Korean ladies were utterly fascinated by the fact that I knitted and stared out of the window. And that I knitted, for that matter. As it happened, a while later, two Japanese guys filled the other seats around me and expressed something between wtfitude and amazement.

I wonder, is the meme that only grandmas knit spread in Far East, too?

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