Friday, 3 February 2012

Living under a big stone

I often say that I'm a troglodyte. I don't live in a real cave, I have quite a spacious place with many windows and a nice view but I'm pretty much a loner. It can be demonstrated by the mere fact that on a Friday night, I'm sitting in my cave lofty room, painting my nails and browsing book reviews on Amazon.

I'm a medievalist. And, well, I started browsing the bestseller lists in the History category and I was stunned.

There are so many books about WWII.

Alright, Nazis in around here, fighting in the Pacific there, people must be interested in all that stuff and that's the market but I just don't get it. The 12th century was simply much cooler.

And now I'll hide under my stone again. I intend to paint my nails peacock green and spend the evening in the company of either Murasaki Shikibu or Jacques Le Goff, depending.


  1. Haha, I made the same observation about common interest in history when I looked at the bookshelves of a public library in Zurich... and what concern my friday night plans, they're quite similar than yours... can we explain that simply by our common interest in the middle ages?
    Un abbraccio, L.