Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fix all the things!

For some reason, I was productive today. Cue sneezing from all that dust raised by my feeble attempt to get rid of the mountain of things on my table. After six or how many hours, the mail is in a bag, ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow, along with an overdue book for the library. Which is a thing, it took me several months to buy padded envelopes as several events needed to combine: going downtown, remembering that I need something, recalling what it was and being in a mood for shopping. I glued the loose stone in my necklace and loose magnet in my bracelet - it hasn't been mentioned yet but I finally got enough bracelets to keep me happy. The pile of ball bands is sorted out - and to those little perverts out there, a ball band is a stripe of paper with various relevant information, and it goes around a ball of yarn. I keep all ball bands and tags since almost forever, and every project has an actual file which includes the ball bands along with more or less information, depending on my momentary level of anal retentiveness. I've been knitting intensively since 2005-ish and the files would have their own shelf if I had one; now they sit on the floor in the attic. And, there were many individual files to deal with. I never throw anything away unless thoroughtly thought out (1) so all I needed to do was to sort out a pile of various pieces of paper into neat little piles and put them where they belonged. Speaking of filing, I don't have a method in yarn storage. The boxes are vaguely sorted by colour and one type of yarn may be grouped but no-one should rely on that. I would need a lot of shelves where I could fit boxes. Or something. Now I have an issue of leftovers because I've bought several yarns by bags in a consistent manner, not just what fleabay spat out, and there are actual leftovers. Not two metres kept aside for repairs, not a heap of somehting into which a little dent was made, but one and half skein of something from a bag of 10. Since these are positively leftovers, I'm hesitant to throw them into the wild biotope my stash is and I'm not a knitter of cup cozies and other dust catchers. And then I started ripping an old sweater which looks good in pictures but is a PITA to wear, because of the yarn. Mohair and some eyelash thing together. In the knitters' hell, they're sitting at a table and ripping an endless lace shawl in long-haired mohair, that itchy bastard which is hell to wear for some people but hell to unravel for everyone. I'm slowly making dents in my stash (2) but I need to do something about the sweaters I don't wear for some reason (some reason = made with some major fault, like using fuzzy mohair). Throwing away cashmere and silk blends is out of the question so throwing it away or donating to charity is out of question. You'd need to pry my yarn from my cold, dead hands. Not only yarn, anyway. It doesn't really look that way yet but things got more orderly quite a bit. Off to do more. ---------------------------------------- (1) Do not ask. Really. You don't want to know about all my little collections. Your life and attitude to me might be pretty shattered if you knew that I have kept all train tickets from my trips since I've been 19-ish and there are worse. Do. Not. Ask. (2) Before you start laughing at the joke: I've been knitting up more than I've been acquiring in the last year.

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