Saturday, 8 February 2014

There's something wrong with this world

First, a gratuitous kitty picture from my archives. Four Somalians waiting for something to happen, with an apparent hope that the photographer might explode into a rain of smoked salmon.

I spent the evening bartending. There was the optimum amount of guests - enough to keep me busy but not too many, I could chitchat a bit (and retreat to dishes if I didn't wish to).
As the evening went on, the alcohol level in guests' blood rose and I guess that some feel a bit embarrassed about now. They weren't rude, just silly. Aaaand, I got tips.

Some 200 euros altogether.

It's around 1/5 of the price of my upcoming surgery. Also, OMGWTFBBQ. Okay, now I'll need to invest 3-ish euros in an elastic bandage for my achy knee but there's still left enough.


  1. Cute kitty pic. Sounds like a great evening for you, except for the sore knee.

    So what's "wrong with this world"?
    Cheri aka OwlEyez

  2. I hate working at the bar, I can't have a kitty on my own at the current situation and that much tips is well beyond usual although not objectionable.