Saturday, 8 March 2014

Speaking of Ukraine

Warning: My knowledge of current events is fragmentary at best and my reasoning capabilities are seriously lowered by various circumstances so there may be factual mistakes, misinterpretations and such. Feel free to correct me, I didn't bother with detailed fact-finding and it's 3 am and I should sleep. Nor am I an expert in politics of any sort. This is emotions speaking. You've been warned.

I generally don't discuss politics on the blog. I actually don't even say where I'm from or stuff like that because it's mostly irrelevant to my random pursuits in fibre or flora. Hear, hear, then. Somewhere deep in my heart, I'm an occupied Czechoslovak. Across the street where I was growing up, there was the university hospital and a military base and one of my less cherished childhood memories is the fear of fighter helicopters that nested there - the Soviet Army didn't bother to respect air traffic limitations with regard to inhabited areas. I know that an average Russian wants to live their normal life devoid of cold and hunger but as far as the international politics go, I don't trust them. Use google to understand the reasons, and there are the same reasons for the same distrust in half of Europe.

Now the matters are growing increasingly sour. European Union is politely hinting Tsar Vovka that it may be nice to reconsider the Russian involvement, if he'd be inclined that way. The Czech govermnent.... ewwww. Been increasingly ashamed of this country lately. Our dear President, sponsored by Lukoil, the Russian state-owned oil company, a renowned drunk, arrogant jerk and general asshole is worried that if someone said something in support of anything Ukrainian, it would be a disaster because the trade relations, the trade relations, and we the Czechs might lose some money on that. The former president, well, I only read the first three lines of that newspaper article before I stopped for my own safety and sanity, said that it's all the fault of the EU because they (meaning morons) sent a few lines of support to the Ukrainian opposition which made the street rabble go berserk and now poor Mr. Putin and his ilk has to act. If I wanted to show mercy, I'd say that he's a demented old man but I'm afraid that it isn't entirely true - and regardless of Mr. Klaus intellectual capacities, he's the same attention whore as he's ever been.

If I happen to watch the TV news, it's NHK World and I overheard something along the lines that Mr. Erdogan, the president, whatever-in-chief or what's the head of state of Turkey called, asserted that Turkey is willing to protect the Crimean Tatars and any other vaguely lukewarm Muslim in the area, should there be any risk of harm coming to them. I do not think that Turkey should be in EU (nothing personal, folks, it's cultural); nor should be Romania but that's yet another matter.

I'll digress from Turkey back to my home turf which is getting disgustinger and disgustinger. The vox populi has it that the filthy Ukrainians are just filthy Ukrainians who are stealing our jobs (especially those that the dignified Czech people wouldn't do as they would need to work hard in inclement weather or get up at dark o'clock or commute whopping 20 minutes a day) and beig as filthy foreigners as all foreigners are and we Czechs are poor enough so why we should send any humanitary help and after all, it's Russia's business on Crimea and if they want it, they should be allowed to take it and why interfere, the economy might suffer or something. Which says something about universal vote and general humankind.

I started to entertain an idea that if the Turks would want to keep their home turf, the Black Sea, reasonably orderly, which I find obvious and agreeable, they would sooner or later clash with the Tsarist army. Or they might go protecting that Crimean Tatar who'd get beaten in a pub brawl by Russians (I envisage that it's how bad conflicts start. Average Joe and Average Bill start fighting over spilled beer and someone says that it was racial, ethnic or whatnot... and there we go, next week we're in war.) and as Turkey is a member of NATO, which is the case of Czech Republic, we'd be obliged to help protect a fellow member. President Pigface Drunkensson I. and his spineless ilk would bow to the public opinion which would say Why should our people risk anything for filthy foreigners fighting against our great economical friend and generous owner of generous sponsors and the next day, we'd be exiting NATO.

In that case, I hope that there's a reasonable country that would accept me. Does Vienna welcome exiles as they did back in Mayor Zilk's time in the late 80's?

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