Thursday, 8 September 2016

Archaeology, of sorts

For various reasons, I spent the time between around January 2013 and March 2016 as a manager of a hotel in a Bad Ass of this world. It took a toll, I ended up burnt out, with less than stellar eating habits and, well, habits in general and now I'm struggling to put my life together. Things are going sorta fine, thanks, although I still have all sorts of problems with memory, concentration and the combo of both. And with the clutter.

Today I decided to reclaim the closet. I have barely used it for years, one of the reasons being that I had most of my everyday clothes at the hotel where I lived and the other being that I gained a bit of weight (stress eating, stress drinking) so whatever was in the closet three years ago, wouldn't fit this spring anyway. And, well, the surprises keep coming. I have a certain penchant for Japanese textiles and since we have fleabay where one can get just about anything, and quite a lot of stuff for something like $9.99 plus shipping, I amassed quite a pile. And now I dug out said pile from the closet. Actually, I have a thing for textiles of all sorts, and fashion, and whatnot. I should make a pile of fabrics that are meant for some clothes when the time comes. And yarn. I would love to provide pics but I'm afraid that I would be ashamed by the horribly messy backdrop of my place and all the stuff is all over and... anyway. There'll be a trip to the trash bin, or many, actually, but before, I should get rid of dust, hair and various other crap so I can spread the other crap on the floor to sort it out. Damnit.

Anyhow, I'm alive, kicking, doing things and feeling quite okay. Keep tuned for more of the same.

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