Sunday, 7 December 2008

Doing the things backwards

A few months ago I decided that I needed new pointe shoes. after the accident when I washed the old pair at 60 degrees, some of the glue gave in and I needed to put the bits back. The ribbon got a weirdo indefinable grey shade which leads to the conclusion that the ribbon is nylon and the shoe satin is polyacryl, the former happily takes colour.

I ordered them at GM and got me a pair with suede tips – as a real dancing loser, I tend to brush them off somehow and, mainly, one size wider – so that the edge of the stiff thing doesn't try to eat a hole in my thumb and one size longer so that my right foot fits in. The old right shoe is torn in the seams because it just needed a few milimetres more.

Today The Day came. I tore the ribbon off the old shoe while trying to work out and I totally don't feel like sewing it back. I got the shoes ready, I have the mismatching ribbon. I'm not getting the ribbon from GM because the standard length is some 5cm short for my thick ankles and I use two ribbons. It's much cheaper to get five metres of generic pink ribbon at some sewing supplies place and some booze for the saved money although I decided to give it a try and use elastic, got some that seems promising. I don't have any idea why I use two ribbons – the elastic irked me so I got another ribbon instead. The inside shows the moulds left by my toes and a considerable amount of glue when I was trying to fix the peeling cushioning - in order to fit in, the foot was pushing it downwards which would leave the supporting plastic bare and make that hole on the upper side of my thumb.

The new pointes rock. but for one thing – wide enough for my left means too wide for my right, long enough for my right means too long for my left. Yes, when I'm getting shoes, the shop assistants do look weird at me.

Now, the only thing remaining is to get my knee fixed. I cannot bend it properly.

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