Thursday, 11 December 2008

Revolutionary zeal

There's a strike at the university (yes, again) so I have to find out who is teaching and who is not. One way or another, I must kick my ass or something and go to the Riccardiana to check some stuff, I have the credential at hand and... and anyway. But the weather is oh-so-awful, and I feel much better sitting at my cold home and knitting.
I thought that the Italian enthusiasm for street protests will wane with colder weather. Nope, the fight for better future has to go on despite frost bites, cold feet, pneumonia and arthritis. Too bad that nobody cares anymore.
I managed to do three things lately. I trimmed my eyebrows, bought a ticket home and started the sleeve of my striped sweater. The ticket shopping required quite some stamina, my social phobia aggravates in this lousy weather and I just don't feel like talking and the sleeve attachment was a particularly complicated engineering feat of whose success I'm not sure yet. That's why I could use a day for sitting and knitting. I'll see in the morning. Maybe the library is closed on Fridays.

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