Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Unbelievers' special: a proof that we do have a tree in our office

It's some sort of acacia. My botanist friend brought two saplings, one failed to thrive and was thrown out or died or whut, this one gets trimmed every now and then or it might devour us.

It's not remembered who installed the plush snake. We're contemplating getting an apple.

Next: ginormous hibiscus in the other office.


  1. Amazingly pretty and impressive! Someone's got good gardening skills. An apple is the missing straw. Next you'll be getting fig leaves for the men.

  2. It's not about gardening skills, it's the high ceilings and southwest windows. This year, the little Seville orange tree produced around 8 little oranges so I'm totally making office marmalade.