Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pass the caipirinha.

Or two.

The travel agency folks announced that our flight back was cancelled and that some people are going back via Barcelona (which includes getting up at four-ish) and that the rest, including us, on Saturday.

I went Woo hoo, two more days of holidays and I'll have to reschedule shit so that I'll do the Friday things on Monday and that was it. Dad went ballistic because he has some appointments on Friday and because anyways, mom went ballistic because This. Is. Not. Fair. This is the package holiday for the 55+ group and how the poor grandmas are going to find their way on the Barcelona airport and the meanos shouldn't get away with it.

So, my polite well-mannered mom kept using her arsenal of four-letter words while dad was yelling at the travel agency representative who was the last person who could actually do anything but take the shitstorm with smile. I needed something at the reception so I gave the gal a few advices how not to piss my parents further.

Anyway, mom is still angry and uttering florid verbiage that includes 'bastards', 'lawyers', 'I'll complain to the European Union' and 'fuck'. Dad is meantime working on a future urban legend about a tourist who rented a car from the local rental and then fell in love with said car so that he bought it and drove a few thousand kilometres home (without a driving license but that's another story).

I keep saying Loonies on the lose and keenly observe the situation. So far, I had two caipirinhas, found a train to Madrid and airline tickets from Madrid towards Hometown, dad called travel agency gal that there's an Iberia flight at 1510 and remarked that they don't want to send people home fast, they want to get them there cheap with El Cheapo Airlines.

I'll see what happens. Alas, it won't be happening far away from me.


  1. Haha! You're the best Linda.
    I wish you good luck on your Odysseia.

    Best, Laura

  2. It's getting a bit out of hand, all right.....By now, there is a reason to shout all those expletives, I guess. I hope you get out of the whole mess and enjoy your day after all.

    I have news for you (thank you!!!) and interesting things to discuss when you get a little time.

  3. Laura, dear, got a postcard from you the other day and when I'm back, I'll put a goodie bag together.
    Helg, I reckon the package arrived, which means that I finally managed to send it. I'm looking forward to the discussion and so far, I have a plenty of time so feel free to mail me.

  4. grazie, sono già curiosa. Spero che nel frattempo sei arrivata bene a casa- un caro saluto, Laura