Monday, 5 March 2012


Not really or else I wouldn't be able to publish this.

My laptop is gone for warranty evaluation and hopefully, exchange for a new one with all USB ports working properly and expensive design veneer staying in place. Call me superficial but if I pay extra for the looks, I want the looks to stay. I'm using an antiquity I found in the office; it sort of works but I'm not installing Photoshop on it or it would collapse all and guessing from the general state of cooling, melt. Both the computer and Photoshop, probably creating a colourful blob of grey plastic.

Until further notice, there'll be only words.

Spring is coming, as it sometimes happens around this time of year. We have eastern winds which means clear cold air and lots of sun and after the long winter suffering, I'm feeling normal. I do things, I'm not exhausted only from a bit of breathing and so far, life seems to be fine.

I went cycling on Saturday and in a way it was awful, I'm terribly out of shape but I was outside, it was pleasantly chilly and I fully intend to go again next weekend because the forests are all flooded and swampy and I want to do some pictures. The only green bits I saw were some Gallium sp. leaves but I hold hopes for new plants appearing soon. There are already some snowdrops and stuff visible in the city.

I am proud of myself, too. Yesterday and today I
- mended two bras from wireless back to fully wired
- shortened straps at one potentially fave top, designed by someone who thinks that boobage starts somewhere around the waist
- spun the rest of the yak fibre
- finished a sleeve of the burgundy sweater and found out that I might not run out of one of the yarns used (yay!)
- sorted out various papers and stuff, sorted them by subject and put them into nice little heaps
- bought file organizers to put the papers in
- paid several outstanding bills
- fixed three appointments at various docs
- worked out.

I feel good about myself. Not the bestest ever but... good. Until it starts raining, no more whines, dear readers.

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