Friday, 13 April 2012

I am famous

I was browsing fleabay and as I have a weak spot for Shiseido fragrances, I noticed someone selling Hanatsubaki. The picture in the listing seemed rather unusual for the fleabay standards of Put it on the table and push the button mindlessly.

The other had almost an artsy flair to it:

Upon a third or fourth look, it clicked. It was this picture.

It was published first in 2009 here. Yes, at my very own blog. Along with this one:

Hey, I still have that camellia which bloomed around two months ago, that cyclamen which now lives in a pot with two other big cyclamens and many seedlings. The orchid died and I replaced it with a purple-flowering Vanda. We got the kitchen rebuilt so there's no marble window sill anymore. And sort of expectedly, I still have the very same bottle of the perfume.
Obviously, there was no note saying where the pics come from. I don't mind people using my pics as long as they are polite. Which means that they ask first or at least inform me afterwards. This person wasn't polite so I mailed the eBay copyright infringement department. I suspect they will throw it under the table as I'm not a BigAss Company. I'll keep the readers informed anyway.

Life is fun.

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  1. Good on you to report it! There's no harm in borrowing (while crediting) for blogs and personal venues. It's absolutely bad form to make money out of someone else's work.