Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I got some sort of mouseitis, my hand alternately hurtd like hell or plainly hurts and the only relief is to immobilize the fingers. Also, I lost strenght in grasp (and it hurts) and coordination.

I set out to buy orthopedic cast but they didn't have any to fix wrist and fingers. I have an orthopaedist appointment on Monday and maybe I'll get something covered by insurance. Meantime, I make do with a kitchen spatula and some bandages.

I cannot use my dominant hand. I was never aware how dominant my right is, I had thought of myself as rather ambidextrous. Or how both hands cooperate. That two are damn well needed to spread butter on my bun - one weak and clumsy left wouldn't do, nor would temporarily clumsy and weak right.

Typing one-handed is PITA, typo-ridden and slow. How does one do a podcast?

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