Sunday, 15 July 2012

Knitting emergency

Being torn between two domiciles means that...

I ran out of needles.

Or, to be exact, I have a random assortment of DPNs and I doubt I could find three of the same size and some of them are heavy steel beasts, nog ood for my hand, then there's a huge one-pointed long and thick needle I could use as an assault weapon, one 7mm/60cm circ, a 5mm/80-ish cm circ but I don't have the right bulky yarn for that... or well, I have, 600g in colour gradatinons and for a proper sweater for me, I need 800.

I also have half of a sweater in my lap on which I work between reading the internetz, and another one in my bag but I don't want to drag around a half of a sweater and yarn for another half because I have errands (read: chatting with various friends for the rest of the day). And there's a nascent tunic in my bag but I don't think I have enough yarn for the rest of the day.

Now, do I pick yarn I like in reasonable amount and do I buy a 3mm circ, or do I grab the bulkish yarn I have enough only for a medium-sized (so not for me by any measure) sweater that would work with the 5mm needle?

Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should stay at home and do some dusting.

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