Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year

No resolutions, I don't bother. I only have plans.

I still somewhat miss the joy that writing used to bring. It all comes out somewhat lifeless although I keep trying. Or, maybe, my rants were never any good but I just didn't notice and none of the, erm, two? regular readers bothered to say anything.

One of the plans is to deal with the herbary backlog dating to 2013. Which will be fun because the 2013 loot is mostly from the Mediterranean and I'm not exactly an expert on the area. I didn't keep very consistent notes on that trip either. I started today and the bulk of the work done was shifting the stuff in the compost bag. Maybe it could be a method. And maybe I could use it for other stuff. Also, here, have some indoor gardening.


  1. I may not be a regular reader, but I do come back now and then. Please, do keep trying...

  2. I am a regular reader. I always check out your ravelry profile to see if there is a new blog entry or new posts. Cheers, Laura from Zurich