Friday, 16 December 2016

Time capsule

I have a flat in Prague which has been neglected for a few years. I would come over infrequently, for a short time, and there was always something more interesting to do than sorting out old boxes.
Yesterday, I bought a new vacuum cleaner, the old one had been a pain in the arse for years, and started cleaning and decluttering. So far, have found:
high school diploma that I had missed for years. Not that I would need it, I got a duplicate years ago when I misplaced the original and that duplicate, misplaced a few times in between, now lives in the tube with my university diploma but it's good to have both of them in a known spot.
a silk blouse
and a Puma hoodie with a puma applique I got in Italy, it's one of the disappearing and appearing things as well
a flyer from a small Regensburg gallery where I got some nice bowls many years ago and of which only one wasn't stolen by some goddamn tenants; I hope the lady who made them is still alive and willing to make more of the same

There's always something cathartic about decluttering. I've always liked this place. I had good time here - I was at the uni, I liked studying, I had excellent social life which gets complicated with the damn introverts and yes, some people would think it no social life worth mentioning but hey, I went to the opera, there was always someone to feed the cat when I was gone for more than Tähti the Meezer would consider polite, I had mild academic ambitions. Then depression struck and guess what. It was all before this blog - one day, I'll find out how to merge it with the old one which I abandoned because an asshole started stalking me - and it wouldn't seem that far away weren't it for the last few years of job from hell, depression, more depression, a textbook example of burnout and the related fun. I keep ranting about my memory problems but they're too pervasive - I want my jasper cat back but I can't remember where it is, all I can remember is that one time, I lived between three places and I always remembered what is where.
I'd better go and get some groceries, it hasn't been done for a while. Had rice, lentils and chopped tomatoes for dinner (see that there's no mention of salt) so today I'm out of tomatoes and lentils and I'm staying for two more days. Oh, the good old days of eating leftovers of leftovers because all food money was spent on books. It feels almost as if I were young again.

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