Thursday, 8 October 2009

Greetings from Stockholm

The main quest was to get some shoes.
Size 42, black, sans heels. Since I lived in eternal summer for a while and some of my autumn shoes fell apart, I was left with a random pair slightly narrow for my bear paws. Narrow shoes mean that the feet are pressed backwards and this mechanics explains the holes in my heels. I played brave and didn't change the shoes straight away in the shop. After pointe practice, I'm no stranger to pain in the feet and cramped muscles of whose existence I had no previous knowledge but I persevered half a block. Not that the rest of the walk would be easy but now I'm back at the hostel, with my feet propped on a chair.

I managed to get hold of someone who gave me a few hints regarding my biology course. Like, that I should enter my courses in the System. The System is totally user-enmical. Things that could be done in a click or two are done in fifteen. The layout is messy. I have problems understanding what, say, Structure and Properties of Biopolymers means. Which is fine, I'm supposed to study that one in the future but figuring out how some silly studip list of lectures works took me five hours. Alphabetic order is apparently something totally not en vogue at the faculty of natural sciences, nor is some generally discoverable logic. I made up some sort of schedule, submitted it for approval and now, bite it. I'll do whatever I may stumble upon and find interesting (meantime, I sort of arranged an exchange of hard to find U. S. books for yarn - a good part of the annotations adds a list of recommended books that look like hard to find ones. I guess that the staff wants to brag how good their English is or something). And, be assured that I did my best to avoid anything that smelled of lab and had 'practice', 'exercise' or the worst, 'parasitology' in the course description. I'd rather have some mud au naturel, if I may please.

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