Thursday, 15 October 2009

Random observations

A girl fell asleep in a book a few tables away. She looks so peaceful, apparently dreaming of something better than the book provided, I guess she was studying some highly exciting municipal regulation regaring sweeping the sidewalks in timely manner. I totally understand.

I discovered an article on late Comnenian frescoes on the isle of Gotland. Translated into normal language, Byzantine frescoes in Sweden. Who said that globalization is a modern phenomenon? Phew, liar.

Murasaki Shikibu would be an excellent blogger.

It's still sunny and wonderful. I'm meeting, if I find the place, Swedish knitters today.

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  1. Comnenian's not for nothing the Comnene times were called Byzantine rennaisance I guess. (BTW We had the most difficult, completely spastic teachers at Byzantine art. I still shy away somewhat from colleagues specialized in the period, they have an evil, quiet and creepy twinkle in their eye, LOL)