Monday, 26 October 2009

Upcoming things

Somehow, I happened to stumble upon rather interesting stuff lately.
Just to give you the idea, and excuse the lousy photoshop job, it's random pictures taken from elsewhere or by my dear friend who takes care for my mail.

From upper left:
(1) Vacarme by Rauch, I'm not sure.
(2) Via Lanvin in extrait
(3) mystery Weil
(4) Detchema by Revillon - I hear it's an aldehydic
(5) Fete by Molyneux - should be something green
(6) mystery something inscribed Champs Elysees - the eBay seller says it's some Guerlain thing but I discussed it with two other perfumistas and they are in disagreement. It was cheaper than a bathroom air freshener so bite it
(7) Samsara by Guerlain (the one with the red blob)
(8) Chanel trio of Bois des Iles, Gardenia and Cuir de Russie
(9) Le De by Givenchy - I have a sample somewhere and it rocks, it's a lovely honeyed scent
(10) No. 22 by Chanel - rather vintage, guessing from the bottle
(11) Miss De Rauch
(12) Numero Cinq by Molyneux - rarity of rarities
(13) Woodhue by Faberge
(14) Stolen Moments by Fragonard

You can expect a storm of reviews and hopefully interesting ranting in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Woo-hoo! It's plenty of fun to just look at the pictures...but will be looking forward to your reviews!

  2. It's about one half of recent purchases. I couldn't find all the pictures... and the first to come is Guerlinade, that should be already at home, waiting for my arrival, and Hiroko Koshino, hopefully.

  3. Oh, you are a tease... :)

    I shall wait.

  4. Wow, great stuff! My guess for 6 is Ibiza ( and 7 might be Obsession pure perfume, to my eye. Enjoy all those goodies!!


    P.S. great blog, btw! :-)

  5. Cat, the Cathy Guetta Ibiza was mentioned but the who stores these says that there's Champs Elysees etched somewhere on it.
    The No. 7 indeed does look like Obsession but the seller claimed it to be Samsara. I'll see. Part of the thrill of buying mystery stuff:D

    And thanks, I do love compliments.