Monday, 8 February 2010


There's hardly anything more exquisite than eating snow.
When we were kids, for some strange reason we were forbidden that; otherwise I doubt I would bother to try. The reasoning behind was something with snow being dirty and containing ebil bacteria... although I believe that even a first grader would be aware that yellow or gray snow is not the bestest.
I happily keep the habit of eating snow when I have the chance. The best way is to pick it straight from some branch or fence of handy height; firn is made of rather large and round ice grains joined with water while freshly fallen snow is like feathers and the feeling of something special be enhanced by remembering that every snowflake is unique - you never get two identical bites.
No, snow doesn't have any taste. It isn't tasteless in the way one would speak of tasteless food, i. e. bland, it doesn't have any taste at all, only texture. Go try and be fascinated yourself.

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