Monday, 1 March 2010

Back to life

I had to write some stuff and since I'm a terrible procrastinator, I obviously did it it just before the deadline. So, I've thrown my papers at the teachers and now I'm back to my regular mixture of lazying around, knitting, reading and some editorial work. The latter nowadays includes very ecclectic tasks, such as writing blurbs about glassmaking or Japanese swords - I could sum up my knowledge of both mostly to I know that these exist somewhere out there, which adds to the adventurous nature of being an editor. It also explains why I read a lot, and on just about anything that catches my interest (1) - it's likely that I'm gonna need those random pieces of knowledge in future.

Speaking of future:
The Perfumista Challenge yielded the most interesting results, exoect a blurb someday soon (and hi Mark, I want a bottle of one of your thingies, as long as I can afford it).
I got some new yarn. Yes, I'll plague you with some knitting, too, so that it's not that monothematic here. And sure, I remember that I promised Laura a shawl for her birthday. It's not finished yet for the reasons stated above but I'll work on it as fast as I can. (And I do feel guilty. Sorry.)
Spring has started so apart from knitting and perfumes, expect some interesting flora. I've finally found a nursery that has Meconopsis betonicifolia.... well.

(1) and as always, I'm bound to add that I prefer books with lots of pictures in colour because I haven't changed from that happy primitive during my break in writing

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