Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cry into the darkness

Two ancient Guerlains appeared on eBay last week.

This beauty sold for $1274.

This one went for over $1400.

Guerlains, it could be you earning that money if you relaunched things from your archives. I would be willing to pay some 400-500 euros for Djedi, don't need the posh bottle. I'd love to sniff tens of your creations of the past and I believe I would get some because, admittedly, I care a damn about your violets (the Meteorites powder I got the other day reeks of violet bon bons, damn)

I know that I'm not going to be heard but I just needed to vent. Aaaaargh.

Guerlains, for your information, I'm getting my vintage perfumes elsewhere. Serves you right.


  1. I just ran across your blog, love it! I was looking up Fougere Royale and found your description of a vintage bottle.

    I have an odd fascination with vintage Guerlains and other such treasures - I put them on my Watch list on eBay just to see how much they sell for. I am not going to bid on them, that's for sure! Most of the seller know just what they are doing; they START bids at $500 or , then sit back and watch the feeding frenzy. Once in a blue moon I get lucky with a seller who has no idea what they've got, but alas, it never seems to be a vintage Guerlain!

    It's not just Guerlain, of course; I would kill for Jean Patou, Rochas etc. to bring back their older perfumes. People would be standing in line with buckets of cash to buy them!

  2. Flora, I love vintage stuff - if you looked around the blog, you probably noticed. I stick to hunting for unknown stuff, with a bit of luck it can be acquired for affordable prices.

    Patou relaunched some of their old fragrances if I'm informed well. Not all of them, though. I have the set of 12 miniatures and I'll write about them someday, too. Or at least I hope so.