Monday, 24 May 2010

What a shitty day

(1) At the dentist's: no filling yet in lieu of that I ate last week, the dentists were to a ceramics workshop and got some new technology to do it in ceramics. Will cost a small fortune but it shouldn't get gnawed off again.
(2) At the vet: kitty has bad pancreas. It's either metabolic mess that could be solved with diet, or, more likely, tumor.
(3) In the family: in fact, when I called for the results of the blood panel, I conflated 'elevated glucose levels' and 'will need strict diet', interspersed with the vet's apologies for not being at the office and thus not being able to give me exact results as diabetes, of which I whined to my parents. There would be some interesting psychologic explanation, I guess.
My father said: Oh, what now, is there diabetic cat food?
My mother said: Don't you want to get a kitten instead?
(4) Out in the wild: been caught in the rain and drenched to the bone twice today.


  1. Well, I'm the optimist most people around me hate or think I am naive, but it cab probably only get better from tomorow on.

  2. Oh, Liisa, I feel ya. And although it is nothing compared to yours, my morning went like this: get up extra early because an important visitor is coming at work; husband not feeling well so he's sleeping in and I am tiptoeing around. Trying to be quiet, feeding cats, I reach on the shelf for the can opener and drop a (20 year old) bottle of Angostura bitters on the granite counter, shattering it to bits, scaring said cats, splashing bitters all over new wood cabinets, new bamboo flooring and newly painted kitchen walls. And no coffee in the house so I had to take myself to Starbucks. Hope your glucose levels straighten out and the kitty will be all right, or at least not too bad off. My visitor, who comes from Europe once a year with a gift of perfume for me, is here now and I am happy to see him. But his gift was Calvin Klein Eternity (edp). Oh well, nice thought anyway. Hope your day improves, or is over soon so you can have a good one tomorrow!

  3. Ines: not sure yet. The cement filling... I ate it yesterday so I have an open hole in my tooth again and it's pretty irritable
    Queen Cupcake: damn. Now your kitchen may be haunted by the ghosts of alcohol poured in vain.

    And thanks for the kudos, folks.