Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Adventure in white, and another in green

I started making a white sweater some rather long time ago. This effort was stalled several times due to lack of yarn, whatever. And meantime, I decided that I needed a chunkier white sweater. Also, meantime I happened to miscalculate or guesstimate very badly and produced several sweaters that turned out to be too small so I cast on generously.

And then everything went wrong. I counted with those usual 14-ish skeins. At the stage pictured, the total was 18 skeins and there're sleeves to go. Obviously, most of the yarn lives in the other stash I'll be visiting only next Wednesday. And spring hit so I'll have a darn beautiful sweater for next winter.

The pic is taken in my mother's bedroom, if the purple picture-thingy were mine, it would take five minutes to take it to the trash.

Some time ago, my heart desired highlighter green yarn. I looked around, didn't find any and then I wandered to my LYS and there it was, a single orphan skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Apple green. M. had only one skein in stock and didn't plan on placing an order from Malabrigo because teh economy sucks; I grabbed that one, poked it around and then found a matching yarn.
Somehow, it's becoming customary that I'm ordering yarn for work in progress and it irks me, I'm telling you. Well, more apple green yarn is on its way from overseas. And I'm already pondering whether 4 skeins in total would be enough, because paired with the other yarn, it's meagre 1500 metres and that may not be enough for a thigh-long tunic.
Because, knitting from actual stash is so mainstream.

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