Thursday, 17 March 2011

Random musings. Culture special

I was randomly clicking on YouTube recommendations and came across this.

I only listen to youtube, this music theme is not particularly exciting or new or surprising but when I heard that clapping, I had a look.
And gasped. Because those guys rock. This type of dance looks like random stomping and waving legs around but my knees started to hurt when I was watching that. The steps are damn good workout for the thighs, too, and one needs to be damn good to make it look so relaxed and easy.

Yesterday, I was listening to the cultural gossip on the radio. Jose Cura is singing the lead in Pagliacci, I decided that it might be worth seeing and after the shift, I started the internetz. I had to give in my long-term ideal of getting the cheapest ticket (eight years of being a student does weird things to one's reasoning. I've become cheap. Very cheap) because there was only one. One. The last one. The theatre's website says not to lose hope, that many of the bookings have to be confirmed yet and that there actually might be some tickets available in April but I wouldn't bet on it. There are many opera freaks in this country.
Well, I got that ticket. It wasn't the cheapest one so bye bye, my food and entertainment budget for March.
I bragged about the ticket to parents. Dad made a blank face, mom said How will you get to some damn Podunk across the whole country?, to which I replied that most likely by train and bus, why. The obvious question was And why, by all gods and saints, you need to see some goddamn opera at all, and why you bother to spend three days by travelling there and back. Hey, mom, it's in August, in a nice area, I'll take a few days off, do some sightseeing and botanizing. Aaaand, I like teh culture and I'm not ashamed of it. Both parents threw a look of deep lack of understanding, shrugged and continued watching football.

In order to get back on the bandwagon with social life, I went to a lecture on Baroque sculptors. Was fun, should do it more often.

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