Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I got sinusitis so I can feel the level of fluid changing as I move my head. The sharp pain in my left ear doesn't appear too pleasant either, I can't hear well and I can't really speak so I went to work to the meeting, printed some strictly non-work stuff and was chased home so that I don't spread the bug all over the office. I'm tired and cranky. The heat wave doesn't help the slightest - who the hell thought July weather in April is a good idea? so I'm just messing around, sweating profusely and trying not to fall from the stairs as I'm dizzy. I was away for a few days. When I got back, I got told off for yet another time that I didn't text my mom on Saturday (I can't explain that no news means good news, that if I got hit by tram, someone would try to find my relatives to find where to ship my remnants), I was asked how I was etc., and only after second glass of wine, football talk, weather cursing and similar important things, mom remarked Oh, and I forgot to tell you that grandpa collapsed on Thursday and was taken to ICU. I phoned her on Thursday, the hell. In other news, grandpa is dying. He's sort of fine - sleeping 20 hours a day and being tired and weak, no pains or similar stuff and he's not the type who would object to lying in bed, doing nothing and having food brought - but it's taking a toll on everyone's nerves. Which reminds me that I need to mail A. that alas, I'm not going to Vienna again (shit). I found out that zazen and snotty nose are irreconcilable so I can't let the brain unclutter. I mean, I'm not upsed by grandpa dying but by the other people who are upset and are sharing their feeling with anyone within reach. And the plague is being annoying as well. I printed tags so I'll go and play with the herbary, that's good for mental health as well. Where the fuck is my 'Publish' button, you Google idjits!!!!!!!!! I found it. You're not going to get me.

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  1. Gosh, when it rains it pours, eh? Get well and my best wishes for your grandpa. Whatever's best for him.