Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Drunk tired and sleepless

I can't sleep again. It sucks big time and since I haven't seen a doctor in quite a while, I've run out of sleeping meds. I'm using some prediluvial antihistamins which, apart from reducing itchiness and swelling(1), make one nicely sleepy and cause silly dreams.(2) Too bad that I'm sleepy but still wake up 48 times per night, not getting perfectly alert and nervous, only sleepy and nervous.

In September, I managed thusly:
Exams done: 1/9
Papers written:0/2

I need a break. The reason why I did next to nothing is rather simple, my brain is apparently already saturated with history et al. and needs to do something else. I should start my biology courses someday soon, after the debacle with Bunch of Idiots, nice people from all directions sent me a handful of Japanese textbooks and wishes of better luck. I have a book to write, and it's not on art. Before, I need to finish a rather extensive paper and it requires going to Stockholm. Did I mention that I don't really like travelling? I like being somewhere, I like going on a day trip but anything that includes too much booking, packing, going where I don't really know it and flying, is somewhat stressful for me.

So... I got a bottle of Chianti to make me feel better. It didn't really work until O. wrote that her kitten bit all the way through to the shopping bag and soy milk carton, leaving a milk puddle in the kitchen and milky pawprints all over and offered me a calico cat skin to hang on my wall if I want one. Only then I cleaned the screen off the wine I spat out and returned to something like a normal mode and mood.

(1) Got them year and a half ago when I had penicilin allergy and the consequent rash that would win the Ugliest rash of 2008 contest if there was one.
(2) Admittedly, hardly anything could beat the Ambien-caused Build a cabin in a nice remote valley to get quiet and peace and when I finished, the whole family came visiting because it was so quite and peaceful. Nor the Ambient-caused Japanese wedding in Technicolor.

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