Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tauleto, a wine perfume

Sometimes, I open a bottle and there's something I would love to drown in.
This is rather a rare occurence, I could count such fragrances on the fingers of one hand - Basala, Black Cashmere, Une Fleur (not totally sure about this one) and last, Tauleto.
The story has it that Marco Maffei once wandered to the wine cellars of Umberto Cesari, located at Castel San Pietro, sniffed the local red Sangiovese and got Inspiration. The company materials say that it's the first wine-inspired fragrance, the Ex Floribus Vinis claims something along those lines too, but, who cares. In fact, maybe the PR people care, or some enthusiastic nitpickers; I personally prefer the fragrance speaking for itself although admittedly, the surrounding stories may be fun.
Well, I opened the sample vial and all the fruits burst out in an overwhelming way. What surprised me was that there was indeed something winey about the fragrance. Grapes, sweet raisins or maybe some very sweet and aromatic wine. I didn't expect such a direct wine reference, after the Ex floribus vinis experience, I thought that there would be some vague and indetectable connection but this was indeed apparent. Very apparent. The sillage is powerful and the head of the fragrance is stunningly beautiful.
After a while, short while, admittedly, the fragrance gets greener, like crushed unripe grapes or half a glass of wine turning sour the morning after the party....
The disappointment comes half an hour later, though... nothing is left on the skin. I haven't seen such a miserable staying power for quite a while and I find it indeed sad. No, it's not my skin - the fragrance is detectable a bit better on paper but still, it's no big deal.
The company offers various other products, perfumed candles and a line of cosmetics; I haven't tried these but I'd say that these might work better, especially the candle would release the lovable scent for a while.

When I'm back home where my fragrance collection lives, I'll try a bit of alchemy and find out whether there is something that could improve the staying power, usually jasmine anything works pretty well but jasmine itself is too strong - I'll have to think about it. Tauleto perfume is too good to be forgotten and something done to it so that it would last would be indeed a good thing.

You can ask for a sample at the company website, it however works only in some areas, doesn't say which ones. Click Contacts at the sidebar and proceed. (Feel free to comment where it actually works)

Top notes: grape, orange, tangerine
Middle notes: rose, magnolia, violet
Basenotes: liquorice, wood, musk, humus

(Notes for the fragrance taken from the Tauleto website)

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