Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ex Floribus Vinis No. 1 ananas sativa

The other day I was perusing the internetz and checked one of the stores I sometimes check. In general, it has the usual and expected stuff although I snatched several discontinued fragrances there. And, I saw Ex Floribus Vinis. Having never heard that name before, I did my homework, checked online and saw that it should be a wine-inspired line of fragrances.
We have alcoholism in the family so I couldn't resist and grabbed both bottles they had, No. 1 and No. 5. I must admit that I expected something more... winey. Even the names are rather floral, ananas sativa being pineapple.
When the package arrived (along with some future Christmas gifts), I was at first disappointed by the lack of presentation. The pictures on the bottles (and boxes) show a silhouette of a happy 18th century drunkard surrounded by foliage, if you look at them closely, the yellow frame of No. 1 with the black of the image kills my sensitivities and, well, it looks like another nondescript cologne.
The fragrance surprised me. I expected something more winey, admittedly, but then, it would be called Pinot Noir or Commandaria or something like that. In fact, at first, it was all jasmine to me, and quite similar to Une Fleur de Chanel, for that matter. After a while, my impression cleared a bit - not Une Fleur but Chris 1947. Chris 1947 is an adorable cranberry fragrance with a miserable staying power so I cut it with a bit of something with jasmine which enhances the cranberries and makes it stay. And, also, the fragrance changes to more pronouncedly fruity after a while, too. With discernible pineapple, and here I have to applaud that finally, there's a pineapple fragrance which isn't overtly sweet or pi┼ła-coladaish (i. e. no coconut, thankyouverymuch), sweet oranges and grapes - at least. Could be wine pretty well, some lighter red one from the North. The company website (all flash, no direct linky) says that it was inspired by Malvasia from the hills of Piacenza. I should get a bottle to find out; I have two more wine-inspired fragrances up my sleeve so I need to do a bit of shopping anyway, I suspect. Meantime I plan to enjoy.

Top notes: peach, pineapple, papaya, mandarin orange, red berries, orange
Middle notes: cyclamen, lily of the valley, rose, oats
Base notes: sweet woods, white musk, amber

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