Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I was taking some pics for my fashion blog (1)because after quite a time, I was at home when there was still some daylight. After a long long time, I managed something worth the name of self-portrait because for two seconds, the sun shone and it just happened. I admit to quite some photoshopping, though. And if I had two more seconds of sun, I'd make another shot, with symmetrical hair. Which I'll do, some other day.

I admit to being slightly obsessed with my hair. All that peroxide, oil and expensive brushes get on one's brain sooner or later.

Since I'm dabbling into art, I was reminded of something else.

Enthroned goddess from Antikensammlung Berlin: Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

One day, I'll add some better styling to such hair for more cool.
(1a) should you want me to add some verbiage in English, ask for it in the comments there.
(1b) said blog is not very serious. Just sayin'.


  1. Not serious?! Anyway I would be interested in understanding your comments. The pictures are great!

  2. I'll be adding English translation when I'm bored at work. But, to do fashion blogging really srsly, I'd need to show a styrofoam cup from Starbucks in every other picture, wear a torn grandma's curtain or bra on the top of the raincoat and such.

  3. You and your hair looks fair and beautiful and strong, so the comparison to a goddess is appropriate.