Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The other day, I was digging for something I don't know what exactly on Fleabay. I spotted a miniature of Jean Patou's Makila. I had never heard about that one so I used uncle Google to check, found only a link to Octavian's blog... and then the miniature sold for something like 130 euros.
I thought something about idiotic collectors and half forgot about it. Some time later, I just randomly checked for Makila... and got a big bottle, around one-third full, for something like 20 euros. I never made it a secret that I'm cheap.

Makila is green. Dry and green as it can get. It should be a jasmine fragrance but having sniffed living jasmine for too long, I'd say it's more like crushed leaves of one of the Rumex species plus some dry hay. (1)

(1) Do you think that I've been living with too much nature?


  1. One cannot live too much with nature. Now, people...that's something else! ;-) Thanks for bringing Makila to my attention--another vintage frag to add to an impossibly long wish list. Sigh.

  2. Well, from the viewpoint of an art historian you possibly could live with too much nature, or at least with less culture/art as needed...

  3. queen_cupcake: I scheduled a post and forgot to finish it. There'll be an update. Gah, I'm writing a book, editing another and I don't have time, energy and willpower enough to do something about my blog.

  4. A wonderful acquisition!! Supposedly it has a leather background, so your deeming of green is actually correct: it's the quinolines that appear as harsh green.
    Enjoy and hope you're feeling well. :-)

  5. trivia says that Audrey Hepburn used Makila in a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.