Sunday, 5 August 2012

News from the knitting front

After being diagnosed with tendonitis, I stopped knitting. In fact, I had stopped knitting before because of the pain but I was still trying.

Being unable to enjoy one of my favourite passtimes, I ripped a few old things, found some patterns and even bought one or two. You know how stingy and cheap I am so wonder freely.

Most importantly, I found the yarn to finish my birthday sweater. The shop shipped to Belgium, France and Monaco only (one wonders what's the EU good for...) so I got it via a Paris-based friend and this arrived on Friday by courier:

Namely 7 balls of Steppe by Bouton d'Or to finish said sweater and 16 balls of Perenne - a stunningly beautiful wool and linen blend. I was wise and ordered enough for a sweater or even two although I hope I'll be able to get more from the Bouton d'Or directly when it's on sale. I've spent too much money on patterns, you know.

I'm knitting another garden variety sweater as my Ravelympics (US Olympic Committee, stick it up your... ) project. Taiyo Sock, colour 8, brown bits hacked off, 2 or 2,25mm needles, alternating balls every row, my basic sweater recipe, lots of mindless knitting because I'm really watching the events.

The future project might be this one:

Diadomina by Diakeito, colour 215, I think, and Silk Garden Lite, I think 2046, because I got the yarn as a gift from a fellow Raveller in the form of unloved sweater. I guess it may neeed some colour highlight and I'm not sure about the blue bits.

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