Monday, 20 August 2012


I did some major decluttering.
The details are not actually important but I went through my tiny closet and various nooks and crannies which were stuffed with things.

Things were pulled out - admittedly, good part of it was yarn - and packed in storage boxes which will go to the attic just after I clean up the attic, which requires me to get a protective mask because it's dusty there and I'm allergic to dust, badly so.

Two of the boxes were labelled STBDW, or Shit to be dealt with (the more genteel persons may substitute shit with stuff, should they wish so). Including clothes and shoes to be altered or repaired, fabrics to wash and iron and an unreasonable amount of knitting

When I was in a cleaning rage, some of the shit was dealt with immediately.

My early knitting history is rife with mistakes and just crappy technique. I found one spit splice in this sweater but there were knots. Big honking knots, one is visible in the middle of the picture.
The yarns are... well, the orange thing is silk, mohair, copper wire and metallized polyester. It was not exactly cheap and it's not exactly awful but it's OMG heavy and totaly not my colours. I was studip back then, I admit it freely. The taupe stuff is a wool blend by Gedifra, printed with some golden stuff that sheds terribly. It's been ripped and re-ripped and golden dust was everywhere. It's pretty, though, and I sort of regret of not getting more of it, preferably in a more definable colour than brown-gray, when it was still available. The red fuzzy ball is Diadrey by Diakeito and I have no complaints, I actually love it.
So, well, 700 g of beautiful but sort of useless yarn. Will exchange for something else, thankyouverymuch.

The fourth yarn is Noro's Transitions, I ripped the remains of a sweater I worked on some two years ago. I never brought it to an agreeable end due to a few design flaws and general suckitude.


I did some serious stash diving. The STBDW boxes contain matching skeins of yarns to sample. I actually made one sample already.

Noro Nobori, colourway 20, I think, and my handspun. I don't know what to make of it yet but I'm certain about one thing. Nobori knits like heaven.

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