Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cristalle Eau Verte

The news havent been around so long so I needed to sacrifice a gallon of blood of various innocent creatures, ask a few friends from the Let's Rule the World secret conspiracy whose plan is to rule the world and there was more effort exerted. But, today, a bottle of the new Chanel fragrance arrived.
I am mildly disappointed that the box is not green. Or at least the framing, the Chanel folks undoubtedly have taste and sense of humour enough but... well, one can't have everything.

No pic of the box but it's white and silver and Chanel. Camera ran out of batteries. To conform to the context, I even turned my universal background cloth (the who guesses what it is may get a candy) to the patterned side because, well, it matches.
I haven't found the notes described somewhere - well, I might look at the box, in fact but that would be lame. My unexperienced nose says: Lemon, more lemon, some lime, a pinch of aldehydes for the top; middle notes are lemon and something a bit sweeter, then something I call for myself chopped grass. I have yet to wait for the drydown but my guess is some vetiver. Overall, the fragrance is indeed citrusy and green and if it doesn't become this summer's hit, I'll eat my shoes.
Now excuse me, I'll splash more of it on me and I'll go back to writing an intelligent post about Santa Reparata.

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