Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Farmacia SS. Annunziata: Chia

Farmacia SS. Annunziata doesn't have a decent and informative website - what a pity. When I got a bottle of the fantastic Patchouly Indonesiano, the pharmacist gave me a handful of samples; I planned to go through them for quite some time but kept delaying it for various reasons but I decided to deal with the backlog of tasks. After all, surprisingly enough, things get done when one works on them.

So, the first sample I took from the pile was Chia.
The brochure I got in the pharmacy gives a brief description and the notes thusly:
Moon, the lunar aroma, perfume from another planet.
Top notes: Almond, orange
Middle notes: rose, boiled sugar*, hazelnut
Base notes: vanilla, amber, oakmoss
The samples are in the form of gel so the first impression was Awful goo! Ick, but then I smelled the scent. At the beginning, it was very weak - orange in the top notes is barely perceptible. Very soon, the sugar note becomes prominent, along with the hazelnuts. On a closer inspection - while sniffing my hand - I could smell both the pungent orange and the soapy note of rose but the general sweetness is very pervading. I can smell a touch of cocoa but that's maybe due to the hazelnut and sugar notes. It actually says zucchero filato, whatever it may mean, but it reminded me of my great-grandma who used to make sugar toppings by boiling sugar in water and it was of the right consistence when the thing wouldn't drip from the spoon but make 'threads' - then, one would add flavourings (lemon juice or rose water, usually) and pour on the cake.
After an hour or so, the floral notes disappear and the scent is just sweet - nuts in caramel, I'd say. Oddly enough, the very end is floral again.
Totally a gourmet scent - I don't know about oakmoss and amber but the rest is perfectly well edible. It's perfectly wearable, though, since the fragrance keeps close to the skin so no need to worry that some miserable cake-deprived dieter will gnaw into your arm on the bus.


  1. "zucchero filato" means candy floss / cotton candy